I'm Leo. I like Disney, video games, pop culture, cosplay, art, music, peanut butter, movies, cartoons, and basically everything. I do some youtube stuff and various other forms of entertainment. I also work in the space industry. Chances are if it's a thing, I'm probably into it.


Anonymous asked
Is there anyone Youtube Famous who you would love to meet in real life? Have you ever had a complete fanboy moment from meeting someone you admired online? PS: Keep up the awesome! :D

Um… not really. I mean there are people on Youtube I’m a big fan of, but no one that I absolutely hope to meet one day. I don’t really tend to fanboy too hard. All of my good friends are pretty successful YouTubers so perhaps that has jaded me a bit. If I did come across someone I admired, I’d probably tell them that I am a big fan and ask if I could fanboy for a sec and take a picture.

quotablyquotable asked
How do you feel about Thor becoming a lady? <3

I think it’s… ATHORABLE.

I dunno. I think it’s kinda weak. Not because I think a girl can’t be Thor or anything stupid like that. I think the way they are using Thor being a female for attention is lame. The way a woman is becoming “Thor” simply for publicity when regular Thor is still alive is shaky at best. I mean Thor isn’t a girl now. Thor is alive and just unworthy of his powers. This chick just came and picked up Mjolnir and they are saying she is Thor. She’s not. She has the powers of Thor. That’s a big difference. “She’s not She-Thor or Lady-Thor, she’s just Thor!”. Yeah ok. They might call her Thor but that’s stupid because they didn’t call Captain America Thor when he picked up the hammer. Does everyone who picks it up now have to change their name to Thor? Do they have to fulfill his role in the Avengers? Beta-Ray Bill isn’t even called Thor and he has the same fucking costume! It’s not Thor!

I DO think it’s a good step in the direction of representation of women in non-traditional gender roles, especially in mainstream media with familiar characters. It’s just a pretty cheap way to do it. Actually, I think it’s super cool that girls are psyched about it and it could be a cool story arc. It just seems very markety and noncommittal. But hey, get it, female Thor. Get it. I support everything about you… except the fact that your didn’t bother wearing any clothes whatsoever over the middle of your stomach right below plate armor where your critical organs are. Can’t have it all right?

"Hey! Gender roles are a pretty hot topic! Wanna increase sales? Let’s not create a whole new feminine hero and make her awesome. Instead, let’s just put a girl in Thor’s place and it’ll be great! The internet will lose their shit! Oh but let’s not replace Thor. Keep him alive just in case. He needs to come back eventually. We just need a burst of interest."

It’s like Colossus being gay in Ultimate X-Men. He wasn’t converted to a gay character in the Uncanny X-Men after 60 years of not being gay just to generate interest. He was gay from the start of Ultimate X-Men which was very clearly a different universe and that’s cool with me. It was used as a little bit of a shock factor, but it was consistent within the world they were creating from the beginning of the series. If Thor was a female from the start of The Ultimates (Ultimate Avengers, basically) I’d be like “Hey that’s pretty fuckin’ cool.”

Flame me if you wish.

pandanimaniac asked
What are your personal views on string cheese?

Love that shit. I don’t peel it with my fingers either. I bite and peel. Like it’s some kind of cheese grenade. Snack of champions.

Anonymous asked
What do you think of disney remaking their old animated movies into live action version like they did with Alice in wonderland, Sleeping beauty, and now ciderelle

I think they’re doing a pretty weak job with it. Honestly, they should stop. They completely undermine the origins of the characters they built, they use poor writing that hardly entertains the demographic it’s aimed at, and the CGI is never top rate. The final product leaves something to be desired overall. I wish they would just make original movies instead of poorly repackaging old ones. But hey! Marketing sells.

vidkid0822 asked
How do you feel on the jungle book movie being made that is going to have live action mowgli with the other characters being 3D animation?

This one is better (worse)

beautyandtheenchantedrose asked
I totally agree with you frozen got way over hyped by the fandom and I am afraid it will happen with Big Hero 6...What do you think?

Well, considering that I am currently working on an educational program for Big Hero 6 and know tons about it, I am biased and think it will be amazing. Don’t worry, I’ll share more about this in the coming months.

It’s also about robots tho and I dig those. I think BH6 is being under-hyped and I hope people end up loving it. I wouldn’t put it in the same category and Frozen and Tangeled tho. Not the same type of movie.

Hiro kinda looks like me too, gap and all. New cosplay group? Hmmm…


dancerteen16 asked
Will you ever come to Canada?

Yes. Eventually. Maybe. Probably.

moosh-baby asked
Do you have any tips or tricks for first time cosplayers?

Give yourself plenty of time to work on your costumes before the day you actually plan on wearing it. Months if possible.

Start easy. Don’t try to build some intricate armor. Pick something you can manage.

Shop at thrift stores. You’ll find more than you ever expected for way cheaper.

Be creative and modify. Find similar looking probs or clothes and modify them. You don’t have to build everything from scratch.

Hire someone to help you make your costume if you don’t want to learn to sew. Support the community whenever possible. Some people make their livings doing comissions.